Learn about Projects for OWDA Fresh Water Bonds, including City of Piqua, A Fresh Start to Drinking Water, Mount Orab, WWTP Expansion, and City of Sidney, Wells & Water Treatment Plant.

City of Piqua, A Fresh Start to Drinking Water

OWDA awarded a $45,667,800 Fresh Water loan to the City of Piqua for the construction of a 6.75 million gallons per day (MGD) drinking water treatment plant for the City’s approximately 8,800 customers. The facility, which will treat surface water from multiple sources, will use conventional treatment technologies including flocculation/sedimentation, Granular Activated Carbon filters, rapid sand filtration, and water softening provided through a lime/soda ash method. The new facility will also be switching from use of chlorine gas, which has concerns relating to leaks/contamination that require a facility to identify a kill zone, to liquid sodium hypochlorite, a much safer disinfecting agent.

Mount Orab, WWTP Expansion

The Village of Mt. Orab WWTP Improvements – Phase 1 project was funded by an $3,380,792 OWDA loan The village is constructing a new preliminary treatment building housing a mechanically-cleaned fine bar screen and grit separation equipment, a new aerated sludge holding tank with new positive displacement blowers, a new alum feed system for phosphorus removal, and a new elevated influent channel and splitter box.

City of Sidney, Wells & Water Treatment Plant

The largest Fresh Water loan was made to the City of Sidney for $22,148,558. The proceeds of the loan were used to construct four new wells at two wellfields; 7,000 feet of raw water transmission mains, and a pumping station. The new raw water transmission main will connect the new pump station to the City’s water treatment plant and will cross under the Great Miami River.